Tiny Icelandic Lamb Lúlli Receives TLC From Family & Becomes An Instant Internet Star

Lúlli the lamb loves cuddling up with Hekla, four months old. Both wear diapers. Photo/ Guðrún Hálfdánardóttir

The Icelandic lamb Lúlli, was born prematurely and his chances of survival were slim and he needed bottle-feeding and extra TLC. Lúlli, who now has his own Facebook page, lives with his ‘family’ inside the farm, wears a diaper like a proper baby and dresses for the occasion. Inbetween Lúlli sleeps a lot, like other premature babies, and is regularly cuddled by family members. Lambs that are taken into the farm for fostercare in Iceland are traditionally called heimaalningar or home-raised. After being fostered by the family at Sandar farm in Miðfjörður, a small fjord in North West Iceland, Lúlli is thriving today, and he has two new friends, a four-month-old baby and another lamb, called Ukulele who lives in Þistilfjörður. Farmer Guðrún Hálfdánardóttir at Sandar explains that she always tries to raise lambs that are under the weather or born prematurely, and adds that the little fellow is very affectionate, good-natured, and a joy, except when he cries at night, that’s not very popular, and nowadays he sleeps outside of the bedrooms so that he doesn’t wake up the grandchildren who are staying there for a while.” Little lamb Lúllis’ favourite place is on the blanket with Hálfdánardóttirs little granddaughter Hekla, who is four months old, where he just wants to cuddle up with her and sleep like a little baby. Lúlli is a month old now, and Hálfdanardóttir says that she aims to care for him until the end of the summer by which time he should hopefully be strong enough to join the rest of sheep.

This is how tiny Lúlli was at birth.

This is how tiny Lúlli was at birth. Photo/Guðrún Hálfdánardóttir. 

First seen on Iceland Monitor.

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