The Earth Moves – Several Earthquakes Detected in Grímsey & Bárðarbunga

The green stars show where the earthquakes were detected. Map/Iceland Meteorological Office

Several earthquakes were measured at Grímsey island north of Iceland last Thursday night as well as at Bárðarbunga in Vatnajökull glacier. Yesterday afternoon an earthquake of 3.9 was detected at Grímsey followed by two more earthquakes last night at 3.5 and 3 consequently,. Two earthquakes at a magnitude of over 3 were measured in Bárðarbunga in the last 24 hours. The earlier one occurred yesterday morning just before 10 am and measured  as a 3.7. The second occurred last night around 2 am and measured at 3.4 on the Richter scale. Not to worry though, as according to the Iceland Meteorological Office there are, for the moment, no signs of volcanic unrest, at this time.

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