Rain Cuts Ring Road In Half & Closes Up East Iceland In Huge Drawn-Out Deluge

The ring road is closed at Höfn, one of the largest towns in the East Fjords. Iceland Monitor/ Eggert Jóhannesson

The closure of the no.1 highway around Iceland, the ring road at Höfn in East Iceland due to the floods has had a wide effect on the day-to-day life and routine of the locals, as well as paralysing all travel along the Ring Road, which again seriously disturbs the tourism service- and industry in the affected area. Tourists have thus been cancelling bookings within the affected area in droves and in Breiðdalsvík in the East, no tourists have been seen since the beginning of the waterworks. The owner of local Hotel Bláfell pertains the damage runs in  millions of ISK. with all but one of 20 bookings for one night having already been cancelled and four groups expected this week having cancelled altogether. For small companies like his, he says, it is a huge financial loss without any change of compensation.

Another Hotel owner at Eyvindárá, Ófeigur Pálsson, proclaims the interuption of the Ring Road in East Iceland to be a huge shock for East Iceland and, more specifically, for tourist operators along the East Coast. Ófeigur says that tourists travelling from the North of Iceland turn around at Mývatn lake, and with travellers not being able to get in from the South, his hotel is almost empty. Operator of Egilsstaðir guesthouse similarly says that tourists are cancelling bookings and that he has heard similar stories from other companies. To this it may be added here, that construction of a temporary bridge across Steinavötn  is being carried out 24/7 with top speed and haste, as with most things in Iceland that need to be done, when it stops raining it will be fixed quickly. This is the nature of our country as it is, this is just how things are.

First seen on Iceland Monitor

Closures on highway no.1

Closures on highway no.1 Map/ Iceland Road Administration

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