Left Green Movement Leads New Polls In Iceland By Sliver Of Projected Votes

PM Bjarni Benediktsson, Chairman for The Independence Party and MP Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Chairman for The Left-Green Movement. (Composite picture)

According to a new survey carried out by marketing company MMR, the Left Green Movement have lost their earlier momentum and considerable margin over the Independence Party while yet in the lead with a 21.8% margin of projected votes in the upcoming elections on October 28th. The Independence Party is trailing with a narrow margin of 21.1 % of projected votes.  The survey was conducted October 6th to October 11th by MMR. Both parties stand to lose votes to other parties as compared to a previous survey carried out by the same marketing & research group, MMR. which ended on September 28th.

According to this same survey, The Alliance Party would receive 13 % of votes cast, seen as to be catching a wave with newcomer Jón Gnarr, comedian, actor and writer, who officially joined the party last week, becoming larger than the Pirate Party, the People’s Party and the Progressive Party. Mr Gnarr is by no meanst hough new to politics per se, having succesfully run for office of Mayor of Reykjavik with ‘Besti flokkurinn’ almost 8 years ago. The Centre- or Middle Party, led by former PM Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and the Pirates stand to garner 10.7% of the votes, with Gunlaugsson’s former colleagues in the Progressive Party teithering on the edge of the abyss withjust under 6% of the votes. While the Bright Future Party measures bigger than The Reform Party, the future does not look bright for either party, as both are projected to lose all their representatives in the Icelandic parliament – Althingi. Björt framtíð er orðin stærri en Viðreisn.


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