Guests in Reykjavik swimming pools welcome with or without top

Laugardalslaug geothermal swimming pool in Reykjavik.

Guests in Reykjavik swimming pools welcome with or without top

The directors of the City of Reykjavik sports and recreation department (ÍTR) have confirmed that guests of the city’s swimming pool are welcome regardless of whether they show up topless, i.e. with or without top.

The current rules at their swimming pools call for guests to wear swimwear, but not what kind of swimwear. “We all agree that people shouldn’t be discriminated against whether they have breasts or not.  There’s no reason for that,” says Þórgýr Thoroddsen of ÍTR. He adds that sometimes somebody complains over female guests not wearing a top to a swimming pool. In that case the person is welcome to send a written complaint but people are not turned away from the pool because they’re topless.

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