WOW air Surpasses Flagship Icelandair As Most Favoured By Icelanders

Skúli Mogensen, managing director of WOW air.

Iceland’s low cost airline WOW air has surpassed Iceland’s flagship airline, Icelandair, and replaced Iceland’s oldest international airline as the leading airline for Icelanders in terms of market share and number of passengers flown, according to figures in new research. According to WOW air managing director Skúli Mogensen this is quite a milestone, because few people ever expected WOW air to reach this goal. Mogensen believes that the gap between Icelandair and WOW air will widen even more, and that WOW air are just at the beginning.

There was obviously a market for a low cost airline in Iceland, states Mogensen, and the reason that Icelanders have been positive towards the airline’s products and services is because WOW air really lowered flight prices, and just like anywhere else in the world where low cost airlines have grown and prospered, so clearly has WOW air. Mogensen adds that when the company started there were many negative voices towards the low cost airline. Such negative discussion has taken a turn for being more positive lately though, and Mogensen further suggests, that the figures speak out for themselves.

WOW air has made an analysis of Icelandair’s investor report and WOW air statistics and data from the Icelandic Tourist Board shows that WOW air have a 38% share in the third quarter of the year 2017 of Icelanders flying to and from Keflavik International Airport while Icelandair have 34% and other airlines have 28 %. Last year over the same period of time those figures were 36 %, 37 % and 27%.

Distrubution of departures by Icelanders leaving from Keflavik international airport ...

Distrubution of departures by Icelanders leaving from Keflavik international airport in the third quarter of the year 2016 and 2017. Image/WOW Air


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