Watch beautiful travel videos from Iceland here within

 Beautiful travel videos from Iceland

The Breath of Iceland is a collaboration between Icelandic photographer Guðjón Svanur Hermannsson Icelandic photographer and his fiancé, Lilja Dögg Schram Magnúsdóttir. Together they make exquisite travel videos of Iceland in winter and summer. Here are some of their most stunning videos beginning with the wonders of South Iceland, with everything from glaciers and stunning waterfalls, to ice floating in a lake and long black sand beaches, making for a beautiful scenery:

Here we see the mountains and craters of South Iceland covered over with ice and snow:

In Hvalfjörður bay (Whale Fjord) there are a lot of remains to be found, left over from the USA Army‘s stay in Iceland. The area is also known for stunning scenery and majestic waterfalls:

The Icelanders are well and truly connected to the sea, and most towns and villages in Iceland are located along the coastline and the sea. Fisheries were for decades Iceland‘s biggest industry to be surpassed by tourism only recently. First seen in Iceland Monitor.

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