Unique new colour variant discovered in Icelandic horse Ellert

Ellert from Baldurshagi ridden by Rósa Birna Þorvaldsdóttir. Photo/ Daniel Larsen

A unique colour variant was discovered in the Icelandic horse recently. The Icelandic horse, already known for its colourful looks has just had a new variant, ýruskjóttur (drissled skewbald/pied) added to its colour palette.  The only horse yet to have this colour is the stallion Ellert from Baldurshagi.

According to genetic research conducted on the stallion, Ellert has a new genetic trait which causes the coloration and according to Dr. Freyja Imsland, a genetic expert, Ellert is the only horse in the entire world of this colour. This was first reported in Iceland’s agricultural magazine Bændablaðið (Farmers Weekly).

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