Left Green Movement Leads Fluid Polls With Independence Party Close Second

The election takes place on October 28th with the Independence Party and Left Green Movement leading the polls right now. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

In a recent poll conducted by Fréttablaðið, Vísir and Stöð 2, the Independence Party and the Left Green Movement lead the polls ahead of the unexpected snap elections to be held in on October 28th, with both parties looking to gain 23 percent each of votes in the upcoming elections. In a newer poll conducted by the Social Science Research Institute of The University of Iceland, the Left Green Movement is measured as having gained on the Independence Partys’ 24,3 percent, with a margin of 4 percent at 28,8 percent. In this same poll the Pirate Party measured in as the third largest party at 11,6 percent of expected votes.

Since then, according newer polls, the Pirate Party has been gaining on with 13.7 percent of votes, followed by the People’s Party with 11 percent, which has since been shown as loosing momentum in yet another poll at 7 percent. The People’s Party is a fairly new party which took part in the general elections of 2016 ands has faced criticism for its anti-immigration stand. With new polls being conducted every other day, the numbers for expected votes for each of altogether 10 parties taking the stand are fluid and fluctuative. Hence the Progressive Party, predicted to receive just over 10 percent according to one poll has in newer polls gone down to 7 percent in wake of a serious split-up within its higher ranks led by former Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson who lead a short-lived government that imploded a year ago in wake of public outcry due to a series of unfortunate events related to his alleged ownership of offshore accounts. Sigmundur recently formed a new Party, The Middle Party, that has as of yet to be measured with the necessary 5 percent of votes cast, in order to gain a seat at the Althingi.

Th Bright Future Party is also measured in a downard spiral from 7 percent to just under 5 percent with no elected members, with the Reform Party and the Alliance Party a meagre 5 percent each. The outgoing government, lead by the Independence Party and party leader, PM Bjarni Benediktsson collapsed September 15th in the wake of a series of events concerning the issue of a highly controversial system of official pardons for condemned criminals, that led to Bright Future, one of three parties forming the outgoing government to declare a breach of confidence between Bright Future and the Independence Party.

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