Pardon My French – Interrogation Via Google Translate

Fishing is much more fun when done legally. Photo/Einar Falur

A French tourist was caught red-handed Monday night, fishing illegally by Glanni waterfall in Norðurá river. The river is one of Icelands’ most beautiful salmon rivers, and Glanni waterfall marks one of its prime spots for where to catch the elusive salmon. Fishing guard Magnús Fjeldsted immediately summoned the local police and the French tourist was made aware of his crime  As soon as the tourist was made aware that the police would be coming, he suddenly lost the ability to speak English. To make up for the failure of communication, the Police proceeded to interrogate the poacher with the help of Google Translate, Fishing guard Magnús says that the landowners will probably file charges against the tourist and that he can axpect a hefty fine before leaving the country.

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