An area of extremes, North Iceland is characterized by wide bays and deep fjords surrounded by mountains on two sides and long river-shaped valleys on the third. Situated between the West Fjords and the East Fjords on either side, a region of diverse and incredible natural beauty, thundering waterfalls, dramatic canyons, scenic fjords, rivers, lakes and striking volcanic features, the North is Iceland in miniature. The rugged mountains of Tröllaskagi, many capped by small glaciers, and the extraordinary contours of the mountains will strike you, as the absence of forest or woodland gives you a tremendous view of the horizon at all times, yet also leaves you exposed. The almost desert-like landscapes and colors in the sky that you have never seen anywhere else project an openness, subtlety and ephemeral quality to the light, the way it changes throughout the day, an atmosphere that completely captures your imagination. Akureyri is an important centre for art and commerce, and many of the smaller villages, with Grímsey sitting on the Arctic circle, offer the experience of rustic, rural Iceland steeped in deep traditions of farming and fishing.