Massive Queues & Chaos At Iceland’s Costco On Ascension Day

Outside Costco Ascension Day.Ófeigur

Thursday was a day off in Iceland on Ascension Day, with many anxious new members of Costco apparently chosing to spend the day visiting the new Costco store on the outskirts of Reykjavik. When the store’s doors opened at 10 am lots of customers were waiting in line. Despite huge queues forming throughout the day, Brett Vig­elskas, managing director of Costco in Iceland proclaimed that everything went well despite the large turnout. According to eye witness reports, only customers with a trolley were let into the store. As it turned out, however, there weren’t enough trolleys for everyone present in the line, which meant that people were ready to ambush members that had completed their shopping. The wait in the queue into Costco has taken between twenty minutes to an hour with Police monitoring traffic control as well as car traffic in the area around Costco.

First seen on Iceland Monitor.

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