Jamie’s Italian Pays Homage To Hotel Borg’s Rich Past In Reykjavik Centre

The famous golden banquet hall "Gyllti salurinn" of Hótel Borg with the original fresco in the ceiling. mbl.is/Sigurjón Ragnar

World-reknown TV chef Jaime Oliver has opened up a new restaurant in the centre of Reykjavik, Jamie’s Italian, at the historic Hotel Borg, dating back to 1930. The restaurant was designed by Jack De Wet, who is the head designer for the Jamie’s Italian and Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group, and Jamie’s Italian in Reykjavik now forms part of the famous restaurant chain of the star TV chef.  Whith Jack De Wet creating the atmosphere, an Icelandic design team then received his drawings and ideas and began searching for the right furniture, lighting and colours, as well as additional props to create the proper mood while yet taking care to retain some of Hotel Borg’s original 1930´s charm as a historic part of Reykjavik centre.

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