Iceland Lives Up To Legend With Quick 16 °C Turnaround In Temperatures

Iced-over Akureyri harbour Photo: Ágúst Ólafsson

Most of you have heard rumours concerning often rapid temperature changes in Iceland, what not with teeshirts promising 5 weather changes per day, which while somewhat overstated sometimes holds true. The last couple of days and today have thus seen changes in temperature amounting to 16°centigrade, ranging from -8°C in Akureyri yesterday to 8°C plus today, within 24 hours. Suchs temperature swings are direct invitation to slippery surface conditions in wake of icy weather and snow, which again commands that care be taken by all and sundry whether one is in a moving vehicles or getting about and around on foot. According to the Icelandic Met office, the warm temperature is expected to stay in place over the weekend, with gale winds in the northwest parts but severe gale force winds in many parts in the northern half of Iceland late tomorrow. Travellers should excercise caution. The forecast today, november 30th calls for southwest 8-20 m/s, strongest in the northwest parts of Icelands. Rain or drizzle, but mostly dry in the east part. Temperature 3 to 10 deg. °C, warmest in East-Iceland. Southwest and west 13-23 m/s tomorrow evening, windiest in the northern half. Mostly dry and temperatures dropping.
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