Freeze-Frame: Iceland’s Ice Bathing Champion Beats Earlier Record

Freese-frame of winner Vilhjálmur who endured twenty minutes of sitting in a temperature of zero degrees C° Photo/Róbert Daníel Jónsson

Freeze-frame of this year’s Ice-cool winner of the Icelandic ice bathing championship. The championship took place in Blönduós, North Iceland yesterday and the winner, Vilhjálmur Andri Einarsson sat in freezing cold, ice filled water for 20 minutes and 18 seconds, thereby beating the Icelandic record in ice bathing. Benedikt Lafleur was named in second place with 17.21 seconds and the third, an unnamed Canadian of Icelandic origin, who had never taken an ice bath before in third place, with 15.04 minutes.

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