Don’t Go To Venice, Rome, Milan And Reykjavik!?

Travel website The Culture Trip has put Reykjavik alongside Venice, Rome, Milan and Barcelona on a list of tourist destinations to be avoided this summer.  The Culture Trip states that in the past few weeks locals around Europe have gotten sick of tourists and what they bring with as unwanted baggage. They, i.e. the locals, complain that the overflow brings housing prices up, fills the streets and that the revenue only finds itself in a few selected pockets. Iceland certainly has seen significant and above-average increase in tourist numbers over the past few years, and experienced a strong economic growth as well as a result.

According to the article in Culture Trip, “Tourism here has boomed since the 2008 financial crisis practically destroyed the local economy, yet recently, local residents in cities such as Reykjavik have struggled to cope with the social and environmental impact of the industry. “Defecating in the open air, stealing road signs and even stealing a young lamb to be cooked on a barbecue are just some of the actions of tourists that have angered locals in Iceland,” the author writes. Tourism growth may be momentarily slowing down in Iceland though, as stronger currency has given cause to rise in prices for tourists travelling to Iceland.





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