Akureyri Northern Lights Cruise

Akureyri Northern Lights Cruise
Across the Northern hemisphere the vividly coloured Northern lights are one of nature‘s most spectacular phenomena. Since Northern lights only appear on high latitudes, Iceland is a prime destination for those who want to witness this seasonal spectacle. The intensity of Northern Lights activity is highest in the Arctic. North Iceland stretches out into the arctic, hence it is the optimal place to go.

Watching the Northern lights out on the fjord of Akureyri on a still evening in the first-class comfort of our boat is an experience that will keep you enchanted for the rest of your life. Our Northern Lights Tour takes you out from Torfunefsbryggja harbour in the heart of Akureyri for a peaceful and relaxing cruise where the ghostly green lights dancing across the night sky are the stars of the show.

Things you need to bring with you:

  • Warm clothes
  • Good shoes
  • Camera
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