All Iceland’s skiing areas open through Easter

All of Iceland's skiing areas will be open for Easter.

One of Iceland’s most beloved music festivals of the year, Aldrei fór ég suður takes place in Ísafjörður and coincides with official ski week. Ski week takes place in the entire West Fjords from Þingeyri to Bolungarvík. Other activities in the West Fjords this weekend include ski archery, kayaking, medidative floats and a carnival dress day. Elsewhere there’s plenty to do outside of Reykjavik at Easter, and in Akureyri in the north, the options range from whizzing down the slopes on skis, checking out great art exhibitions or concerts. On the weather front, the forecast for North Iceland is for a lot of snow, and most of Iceland’s skiing areas will be open at Easter with a good snow forecast.

First seen on Iceland monitor.

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