Road Through Thingvellir National Park Found To Be In Dire Disrepair

Þingvellir is a part of the Golden Circle and a popular destination. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar Óskarsson

The roads of the Golden Circle, where Icelandic gems such as Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir and Þingvellir national park are to be found, are in such a bad state, that the Council of Bláskógabyggð municipality, which the Golden Circle is a part of, says there is only a matter of time a great accident will occur there as the road condition is far from acceptable, according to state broadcasting service RÚV. Accordingly, the state needs to increase and infuse funds for road work in the area considerably, as the situation now is not acceptable by any measure.

Many accidents in recent months

The municipality’s council states the state’s prioritising in matters of road repairs is simply wrong, putting the safety of locals and tourists alike in jeopardy. The number of recent accidents in Bláskógabyggð have gone up while the condition of the roads are going south. “The system has crashed and we are just waiting for a large accident. A bus will topple over, or some other accident,” says Helgi Kjartansson, chairman of the municipality council.

The road has thus sagged in several places and the verge of the road isn’t all that stable. There are both big buses and small cars with inexperienced drivers using the road and Kjartansson believes that at the speed limit should be lowered if nothing else will be done.“The roads are in Þingvellir national park have been used up, and really it ought to be closed. I think it would be the best.”

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