It’s just not done old boy – Pooping tourist shows poor judgement as he pours poop on ice

Pooping tourist caused quite a stir - It's Just Not Done Old Boy Photo/Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson

The tourist who went to the toilet in the driveway of a local farm, right next to the postbox first and foremost broke with normal manner and accepted rules, according to Selfoss chief of police Oddur Árnason, regarding the tourist who relived himself on the driveway of a local farm, right next to the farm’s postbox.

Most likely the tourist was breaking the 17th article in Icelandic nature protection laws, where it states that people travelling around Iceland should show respect to landowners and follow their rules and regulations when traversing their land. The law also state that people should not leave waste or garbage behind at a picnic stop or camping site.

While these sort of cases are not reported regularly and very rarely end up on the desk of the police, Lilja Einarsdóttir at the local district council, Rangárþing eystra, says that this is a sad matter. She adds that the counties have little money to fund toilets for tourists although she adds that this doesn’t excuse what this particular tourist did.

While the county provides public toilets at Seljalandsfoss and Skógarfoss waterfalls, both very popular tourist spots, this incident occurred on a farm in Fljótshlíð, that’s not an offocial tourist destination.

Einarsdóttir says that she has heard of many people pulling their car over to the side of the road to sleep which may result in human waste.  “We need more funding to be able to build more toilets. But this does not excuse this man’s behaviour. I understand the farmer completely.”

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