Icelanders Bundle Up As Island Lives Up To Name At Temperatures Of -18

Light northerly or variable wind, but 5-10 m/s in the far east of Iceland. Light snowshowers by the north- and east coast but mostly fair in other places. Chart - Icelandic Met Office

Temperatures went down to -18 C in central Iceland last night and the temperatures will continue to go down. In Reykjavik the temperature was -10 degrees C this morning. According to the Iceland Met Office, it’s not unlikely that the drop in temperature for the next couple of days is set to beat the record for this time of year in Iceland. The current record was set in Möðrudalur in the North central highlands in 1978 at -24.2 C. The cold snap will in all likelyhood however be chased away by warmer weather by the middle of the week, when some rain is expected. There are icy conditions and slippery patches of roads in many parts of the country, and drivers are urged to drive carefully on properly equipped vehicles.

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